Ginger Client Application

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What is Ginger Client Application?

Ginger Client Application adjusts your own punctuation as well as sentence structure errors within MS-Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It produces customized training as well as quizzes depending on your own errors. Functions just like a personal English Tutor. It has Multi-media English programs. It can read out loud text messaging within e-mail, documents, as well as web pages. It can also read with a superior quality human tone of voice. It enhances your own pronunciation as well as accent.

Ginger Client checks and corrects your own text messaging. Additionally, it helps you understand and improve your writing using your own errors. Aside from the sentence structure checker as well as spell checker, another useful feature of this application is the learning center. Learning center is where one can observe personally-tailored comprehensive reviews of their own errors and allow you to monitor your own improvement.

Ginger Software program is building a range of items which allow cellular devices as well as computer systems to comprehend the actual meaning associated with natural (human) vocabulary input. Ginger Software program items provide a cutting-edge Natural Language processing (NLP) system. NLP utilizes patent-pending technologies in order to decipher the actual semantic as well as contextual meaning associated with textual input through evaluating this with vast amounts of comparable phrases on the Internet.

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Last updated: : September 24, 2013