GameHouse Shape Shifter

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What is GameHouse Shape Shifter?

Shape Shifter by GameHouse is a stress-relieving game of shapes and puzzles. It has two game modes, Speedster and Beat The Clock. Beat The Clock is the classic mode that increases in difficulty as you keep going. Speedster challenges your abilities by requiring you to fill the row or rows with the necessary figures in order to complete the row. Once the figures all fit, the row will disappear. The game has a circus theme with audio background.

You need to match the shapes before time runs out. The faster you play, the higher scores you get. You can discard pieces you cannot use into the discard bin. You can use wild card pieces to fit any slot. You may pause and continue your play. The rows of shapes are running vertically on your screen alternately in opposite directions, that is one row runs to the right while the next row runs to the left. Black shapes on the running rows indicate that they are empty and need to be matched. You are given colored shapes to choose from at the bottom of the screen for you to fit into the empty slots that correspond to certain shapes on the running rows.

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Download GameHouse Shape Shifter (external link)


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