GameHouse Collapse! Crunch

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What is GameHouse Collapse! Crunch?

Gamehouse Collapse! Crunch is a version of the popular online video game Collapse! that offers four new challenging game modes to test the quickness and strategies of winners as well as new players of the classic Collapse! game versions. In the Gamehouse Collapse! Crunch version, players has to launch cranking actions in Crunch mode, bust bigger tile blocks in Big mode, spot and collapse tile blocks in Zigzag mode directions and create and solve puzzle challenges in Perplexor.

Gamehouse Collapse! has been famous as an online tile matching video game where the players quickly click on any group of 3 same-colored blocks to get collapsed points and win. It was created by Seattle-based online video company Gamehouse in 1998 and became popular due to distribution arrangements with online video game portal Microsoft Zone and others.

A standalone version for download was also created for non-online playing, which carried improvements from its web-based origins like animations, game soundtrack and better graphics. Over the years, new versions of the game were developed with addition of new playing modes like Countdown, Continous and Slider which serves to up the challenge for the players. There is also a GameHouse Collapse!Quest mode where players can unlock new worlds insteas of playing in a single world.

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Last updated: : July 22, 2012