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Super Blackjack by GameHouse is a card game that is based on Vegas and Barroom Blackjack. It features Casino-inspired effects for its lights and sounds. It shows the track winnings by the player. You can stand, split, double down and hit your plays. The setting brings you to the Vegas atmosphere on your screen. If you play the Barroom, you will play with only one deck of cards and stakes are lower. If you take it to Vegas, you will be playing with 6 decks of cards and get higher stakes for your winnings.

This game runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms. It requires 233 MHz Pentium or equivalent processor with 32MB RAM. Super Blackjack for Mac runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or higher. It is not yet available for Mac OS X 10.7. Super Blackjack Online requires the latest version of Java to operate on your computer.

Vegas Blackjack Online also requires latest version of Java. This game lets you bet your bank in casino-style of playing cards. This game has been rated EC [Early Childhood].

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Last updated: : October 18, 2012