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What is FXhome PhotoKey Pro?

The FXHome PhotoKey Pro is a green-screen photography application that can be used for both professional and personal projects. Equipped with an adaptive color sampling feature, it can make up for even less-than-ideal green screens, retaining the possibility of high-quality image production and simpler keying. The green screen is also “deleted” from the photo instantly, so the user can get right to background selection or creation as soon as the image is captured. The program preserves transparent and netlike foreground structures—such as glass, for example—so photographers do not have to worry about missing critical elements of their subjects.

The program can also process photos in batches and supports auto-processing (provided the user’s camera is tethered to the device running the application). The program’s internal processing tools allow the user to edit photographs in layers and make several special effects and depth effects available for enhancing the background integration. Users who prefer to finalize their edits in other applications like Adobe Photoshop, however, can simply export layers across the two programs (PhotoKey and PhotoShop can work with each other). PhotoKey can be used on Windows and Mac computers.

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Last updated: : July 14, 2014