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What is Futura?

Futura is a classification of a font family that was created by Paul Renner back in 1927. The design of the fonts is what is known as “sans serif.” Serif is a typographical element that is added at the edge of letters in the form of small extended lines. The lines appear like “tails” on the edges of the letters. Serif is also used on symbols.

In the case of Futura, which is a sans serif form of typeface or font family, the letters and symbols are without the “tails.” “Sans” is a French word that, when translated to the English language, means “without.”

Since its inception in 1927, several other developments of the Futura font family have been developed. These include Futura Black, Futura Display, Futura Condensed, Steile Futura and Futura ND. When Cyrillic alphabet was added to the Futura family, the version came to be known as ParaType. Under ParaType, several other Futura variations came into being. These are Futura Futuris, Futura PT and Futura Eugenia.

Futura is often used in publications, advertisements, movie credits, sports jerseys and banners.

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Last updated: : February 20, 2013