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What is FreeArc?

FreeArc is a file archiving program developed by Bulat Ziganshin, and available through The program utilizes several algorithm systems for compressing files and creating archives. The algorithm systems allow for lossless data compression, which means that all data in the files are preserved or kept intact while undergoing the process of compression. Some of the algorithm systems utilized by the program include LZMA (Lempel-Ziv-Markov), PPMD (Prediction by partial matching), and TrueAudio(TTA codec). There are 11 algorithm systems utilized by the software.

Depending on the files being compressed together in a single archive, the program automatically switches between algorithm systems to provide appropriate support for the type of file being compressed. The software allows for compressing through the console window, as well as through the program’s Graphical User Interface. The program also automatically sorts files by type; and supports external filters.

Users can also utilize the program to decompress archives. This is an open source program that is offered for free. It is compatible with Windows and GNU/Linux, and supports 32-bit platforms.

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File types supported by FreeArc

Our users primarily use FreeArc to open these file types:

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