Foobar2000 RusXPack

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What is Foobar2000 RusXPack?

Vadimvs’ RusXPack is a repackaged, Russian-localized version of Foobar2000. This is the same application, just written in Russian for Russian users. This version is not made by the same creator of Foobar2000, Peter Pawlowski (which formerly worked for Nullsoft), but by a Russian coder.

Stylized as “foobar2000”, this program is an audio player, similar to Winamp (which Nullsoft engineered), and like the latter is free. However, unlike Winamp foobar2000’s strengths is in design which relies heavily on modules, allowing users to mix and match modules and settings of these modules according to their needs and wishes; this allows all aspects of the player to be configured, including its GUI. In fact, foobar2000 has also released with an in-depth SDK for other developers to tinker into its code and add or modify features as they wish. It is also known for having a wide range of features that free audio players don’t otherwise possess, such as support for a large number of formats and a command-line audio file converter. The core code of foobar2000 is closed source, although its SDK has a BSD license.

Foobar2000 however, only supports Windows XP, and has also given rise to a spin-off player, called Boom, which is simpler.

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File types supported by Foobar2000 RusXPack

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Last updated: : June 16, 2014