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What is FileMaker?

FileMaker is a proprietary database management application running on Windows and Mac OS platforms, created by FileMaker Inc. Aside from English, FileMaker also supports other languages including Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and a lot more. FileMaker contains database engine with a user-friendly GUI-based interfaced which enables users to alter database with new layouts, screens or forms.

Originally, FileMaker was developed by Nashoba Systems as an MS-DOS-based application under the name Nutshell. Nashoba Systems soon found Forethought Inc, which became its newest distributer, introducing the same application on the Macintosh platform with the name FileMaker. Some key features associated with FileMaker includes relational and scripting, plug-in architecture, graphical relationship editor, script variables, integrated web-viewer, enhanced debugging, tabbed interface, custom menus, tooltips, and so on.

Furthermore, FileMaker can connect to various SQL databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, which requires installation of the SQL database ODBC driver. SQL records can be created, edited, or deleted using some functions and layouts of FileMaker, whereas FileMaker calculations and script steps reference various SQL fields.

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File types supported by FileMaker

Our users primarily use FileMaker to open these file types:

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