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What is ffdshow?

FFDShow is a media encoder and decoder library (typically called a codec) that is used to play various types of media files in Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, or in any other media playback software that does not support certain file formats. The FFDShow codec enables systems to run MPEG-4 Part 2 and AVC (H.264) formats plus other audio formats, precluding the need to install separate codecs for these formats one by one.

FFDShow was first released in 2002 and was made open source in 2006 after its main contributor and programmer pulled the plug from the project; it has now been one of the more active programs in Source Forge and has made interesting developments as of late.

FFDShow decodes video files encoded in the MPEG-4 (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv), H.263, H.264, VP6, WMV, Theora, among others. It also includes native capability to play back select audio files in the MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, FLAC, and OGM/OGG Vorbis formats. Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, Windows Movie Maker and Winamp all automatically use the FFDShow filter once installed, although other media players with built-in support for these files (like the VLC player or GOM) will bypass use of FFDShow entirely.

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About file types supported by ffdshow

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012