FCVideos Application

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What is FCVideos Application?

The FC Videos Application is a multimedia utility that allows users to view, record, and convert audios, videos, streaming videos and music in their computer. It is developed by Applian Technologies. These varied functions and flexibility makes the FC Videos application a one-size fits all multimedia catcher.

With the FC Videos Application, users can create a wide range of personal videos, photos and music collection in multiple formats, making it easy to carry along and play across any gadgets they have.

The FC Videos Application uses the recording and playback protocol translators called the FC 3, FC 4 and F5. FC stands for Full Combo and it means getting a full hundred percent of the notes quality in audio, and the same fullness of quality in videos.

The range and functions of FC Videos Application include media player and playback, video capture replay, converter replay and telecorder replay, among others. They can be bought for installation as an individual application or purchased as a package or combo suite.

With these functions, users can create various projects using the FC Videos application. These include home movies from various sources from websites to Powerpoint materials, convert multimedia formats for instant viewing and sharing across many devices, and create personal music libraries from audio disks to web streaming MP3s. It can also save, store and playback video and audio calls.

Download FCVideos Application from the developer

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About file types supported by FCVideos Application

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Last updated: : July 12, 2012