Family Safety Client

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What is Family Safety Client?

The Windows Live Family Safety Filter is a free and downloadable program from Microsoft, part of their Windows Live Essentials suite of optional programs and add-ons for the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. The Live Family Safety Filter feature enables users, mostly targeted for parents, to control the content available for specific computers or the entire home network, so they can censor or block questionable content (such as pornography) from their children’s computers. The Live Family Safety Filter was first rolled out in 2007 after a nearly year-long beta test during the previous year, and was originally a part of the Windows Live OneCare suite (which was for PC and Windows optimization). Later, in 2011, the Live Family Safety Filter was included in the Live Essentials suite.

Central to the Live Family Safety application is the web filtering capability, which filters unwanted content from the Internet (such as gambling and adult-oriented sites) via rules that a parent or a power user can set. However, users can also monitor the sites visited by other users in the computer or network the Live Family Safety feature protects, plus a SafeSearch feature for search engines so they only provide relevant and family-friendly results.

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012