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EXTRA! X-treme

What is EXTRA! X-treme?

EXTRA! X-treme is a software mainly used for terminal emulation which permits the user of Windows to get linked with UNIX systems and IBM System i, and IMM System z. The software is linked with customization capabilities that let users to work with high SSH security. It can also be integrated into mainframe applications with ease.

With the use of EXTRA! X-treme, sensitive data can be protected using the feature EXTRA! Basic macros. EXTRA! Basic macros. Before deploying the use of this software, you can access the installation wizard to customize and update all necessary properties.

Security is one of the key features of the software. Data and file transfers can be done securely using this software while ensuring FIPS 140-2-validated SSH. A token authorization technology is also present in this software and can be utilized by the host. It automatically updates features such as printing of History screen, text formatting and even personalization of font design and size.

EXTRA! X-treme is also allows the user to get connected to Tandem hosts such as HP Nonstop. It also works well with Office functionality such as Windows Error Reporting (WER) and Auto Complete.

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File types supported by EXTRA! X-treme

Our users primarily use EXTRA! X-treme to open these file types:

Some users also use EXTRA! X-treme to open these file types:

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