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ExpressFiles Application

What is ExpressFiles Application?

Express Files is, simply put, a download manager. But while this description is simply put, it’s not just a simple download manager that has proliferated in the Internet these days. Express Files is built with the idea to find files through the program itself, instead of finding these files through a browser and just using Express Files to capture the download. The developers tout a unique search algorithm to find the file that you want and to find the file through the Internet accurately. It browses through file hosting sites as well, leaving no stone unturned, so to speak.

It has recently come under fire, however, during a scandal in which Express Files employees have made several fake accounts and registered to software review sites and spammed the reviews of the program, putting 5 stars on the application and mentioning non-existent technologies to pad their reviews. One of this is their usage of the buzzphrase “unique search algorithm”, which may impress other, ignorant users but actually mean nothing. They are also accused of making up features that cannot be actually found in the program. In retaliation, some hackers attacked their website and server, causing it to overload and forcing management to shut their site down.

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File types supported by ExpressFiles Application

Our users primarily use ExpressFiles Application to open these file types:

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