EVE Online

If you are looking for EVE Online, you have come to the right place. We explain what EVE Online is and point you to the official download.

What is EVE Online?

In EVE, a universe of opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight, or simply yearn for adventure among the stars. Starting as a new pilot in a training frigate, players can choose from hundreds of skills to train and develop. The choice of skills to train is entirely up to the player. There is no mutually exclusive branches in a skill tree that is both wide and deep. Over time, a character can be honed into a specialist or adapted for many situations.

Users can travel to any star system that is linked by a stargate network. They can explore the mysteries of systems through shifting wormholes. They can also experience the unique vistas of each region of EVE, and make a home in the core empires or the lawless fringes. They can also pick the ships they want to fly from varying models. Each ship is customizable using molecular equipment, rigs, and subsystems. Users can also acquire different ships and store their collection in personal hangars across New Eden.

Download EVE Online from the developer

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Download EVE Online (external link)


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