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ET6SC Application

What is ET6SC Application?

Gigabyte recently switched to a brand new version of Easy Tune by introducing version 6. It was first seen by the Gigabyte EP-45T Extreme. The software is largely the same as the previous version, but there are also brand new options that are present due to differences between the aforementioned P45 chipset based board, and the newer EX58-UD5. This application resembles the look and style of CPU-Z and GPU-Z. The layout is also simple to use, but has an array of options and features that allow the user to perform a bit of tuning.

The software is also laid out by category above the application’s window, each corresponding with certain features or system components. After the main application window has been opened, there is a CPU-Z like layout that shows CPU information. It pertains to the core type, model, stepping, cache information, clock speeds, and the processor code name. This tab is purely informational in nature. The memory tab shows the user how to view information for each individual memory slot, as well as its corresponding DIMM. The memory module size is also displayed.

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