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What is ESPNMotion?

ESPN Motion is an application for Windows computers (for Windows 98 to Windows XP) that automatically enhances your viewing capabilities when watching videos on This actually refers to two things: the actual, 2.5 MB little tool that will improve your viewing experience, and as one of the five units of ESPN Broadband, which is one of the units of ESPN that aims to provide sports content online through a high-speed Internet connection, such as broadband. ESPN Motion, as the client, is a small program that, when installed, automatically detects if you are visiting the website and provides you crystal-clear video in high definition.

The ESPN Motion client works by downloading an ESPN sports video to your hard drive in a temporary folder. When you visit ESPN again, the ESPN Motion client automatically detects which videos are downloaded already, and then plays it without buffering. According to ESPN, the ESPN Motion client downloads videos on the background, and that it will not severely restrict your bandwidth. When installed, the ESPN Motion video will automatically play as long as there is a saved video on the temporary folder where it downloads those videos. There is a system tray indicator (a blue E) whenever the ESPN Motion client is downloading a new video.

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Download ESPNMotion (external link)


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Last updated: : July 11, 2012