Escape The Emerald Star

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What is Escape The Emerald Star?

Escape The Emerald Star is a game published by PopCap Games. The game takes the player aboard a cruise liner, which is mysteriously abandoned by everyone onboard. The player finds out that he is alone in a ship that is sitting in the middle of the sea.

The objective of the game is to take the player back to shore. Mysteries and puzzles need to be solved, in order to find clues that will help the player reach the shore. The player has to check every room in the ship to look for clues. There are twenty-seven different shipboard scenarios that the player will be taken to, with each one having a set of objects that the player must find.

This Hidden Objects type of game also includes seven mini-games. The player is given a piece of map for every mystery solved, and he must collect all pieces in order to put the map together. The map will lead the player back to shore.

There are more than two thousand objects to be found, and the player is given a time limit to solve all the puzzles before he gets too far off, that he won’t be able to go back to shore anymore.

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Last updated: : May 26, 2013