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What is Epic Privacy Browser?

Epic is a web browser that is said to be the first software of its type to come from India. While the first versions were Firefox-based, later iterations have been inspired by Chromium instead. Epic diverges from those other browsers, however, in at least one way: a strong focus on security and privacy features that reduce the “personalized web browsing experience” and emphasize “anonymous surfing capability”.

For instance, Chromium’s default settings allow usage tracking so that the browser can suggest auto-fill possibilities for the address bar when the user types “familiar” letters or words into it. Epic disables this so that users’ surfing histories are kept secret. The only auto-complete history saved by Epic is locally-based, i.e. saved on your computer’s drive and never sent to an external server as would be the case with Chromium and many other browsers.

Besides permitting surfing in an incognito capacity, Epic also has automated features that attempt to encrypt connections as well as route web searches via proxies. Proxy surfing can be turned on with a single mouse-click and the program actually deletes all browsing data upon being closed. Data collection programs are automatically blocked by the software.

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Last updated: : June 10, 2014