Enciclopedia Encarta

What is Enciclopedia Encarta?

Enciclopedia Encarta is the Spanish localization for the old Encarta series of digital encyclopedias from Microsoft. As with all versions of the software, it was officially discontinued in 2009. Before that, however, the series amassed quite a number of entries: the last iteration of the English complete edition alone had more than 60,000 entries. There were some variations across localizations, however. The Enciclopedia Encarta, for instance, had somewhat fewer articles than the English one, at just over 40,000. There were also some issues at some point regarding the differences in content across different national editions, but Microsoft’s Bill Gates responded to these by pointing out the challenges when writing for differing regional audiences.

The program was available in two ways: on disc storage media or through online access. If users opted to go with the latter, they paid for their access to articles through a per-annum subscription.

Encarta was also a multimedia database of information, Microsoft having taken advantage of the digital medium to add traditionally unavailable elements to encyclopedias such as videos and audio clips. Some versions of the encyclopedia were also equipped with activities for children that facilitated learning.

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