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ElsterFormular - Installationsverwaltung

What is ElsterFormular - Installationsverwaltung?

ElsterFormular – Installationsverwaltung is related to the software ElsterFormular, which provides the user with a program for tax preparation for individuals and businesses located in Germany. This is free software that is actually provided by the government of Germany. The software provides forms and walkthroughs to help the user prepare their tax returns properly and accurately.

All government-required tax forms are integrated into the software, and provided according to current tax requirements, as mandated by the proper governing bodies/agencies. The program helps the user with inputting taxable incomes and deductible incomes in the proper fields. An estimate of the user’s expected tax returns is likewise provided.

When missing fields are detected by the program, the user will be prompted; thereby eliminating the risk of passing incomplete tax forms. Once all appropriate forms have been completed, the user is provided with the option of submitting the forms online. Forms are encrypted to protect these from being modified or altered without the user’s consent.

The user may also print a copy of their completed forms, as reference and proof that they complied with the government’s tax requirements.

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