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ElsterFormular - Hilfe

What is ElsterFormular - Hilfe?

ElsterFormular – Hilfe is a program designed to help taxpayers in Germany fill out the right tax forms, and submit these to the appropriate tax agency in a timely manner. The program serves as the official tax program of the country, wherein the users are provided with digital forms that correspond to the standard paper versions.

To get started, the user chooses the calendar year for filing tax returns. This will open a new window wherein two options are provided: Direct Input or Edit Mode. Direct Input is the option that is enabled by default. Users who are already familiar with filing their tax returns can make use of this option. This mode requires the user to provide details for all fields in the form. Information on the fields will be directly transferred to the appropriate fields included in the form.

On the other hand, users who are filing tax returns for the first time are provided with a walkthrough via the Edit Mode. The Step-by-Step Process option on the Edit Mode dropdown menu will provide the user with an explanation for every step that they need to take, in order to properly fill out the forms. For each step, information is displayed on the left side panel of the interface. Clicking on “Next” will open the next step.

Once the forms have been completed, the user can submit their tax returns online.

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