Eighteen Wheels of Steel Haulin'

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What is Eighteen Wheels of Steel Haulin'?

Eighteen Wheels of Steel Haulin' is part of the 18 Wheels of Steel game series, an online simulation game that puts the player behind the driver’s seat. The player has control of which rigs to drive, who gets to drive it and which roads to take. There are 35 trucks to choose from, 40 cities in the United States to deliver loads to, 45 different loads, and a selection of truck drivers that the player can hire to drive the truck for them.

The player’s challenge is to deliver the cargo on time while avoiding road hazards, maneuvering the rig, and keeping the cargo safe. If the user hits too many obstacles or makes one wrong turn too many, the player may lose the chance to complete delivery.

Developed by ValuSoft, the game simulates actual truck-driving experience, so much so that the program alerts the player when they need to make a pit stop to get some rest, and the player may also get stopped by cops for questioning.

Eighteen Wheels of Steel Haulin' is a Windows-based game compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

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Last updated: : May 20, 2013