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What is EasyBits GO?

The Easybits Go is a games platform that is either downloadable, preloaded in certain brands and models of laptops, or bundled with a free download of Skype (take note that to take advantage of this, you can check if the Skype installer has it packaged, which you can agree to it being installed). Easybits Go is made by the same software company that developed the Easybits Magic Desktop, which is part of the Easybits Kids lineup; this is a desktop operating system based on Microsoft Windows for little children. Easybits is a multimedia software company and this time, the Go Games Platform from EasyMedia is targeted for all members of the family.

The Easybits Go platform is filled to the brim with casual games, and it allows you to play casual games from the Easymedia catalog alone, with other players around the world, or even with your Skype friends; Easymedia estimates that the Easybits Go can be accessed by anyone with Skype installed, and is thus available for 500 million users. The games in the Easybits Go catalog are suitable for all ages and skill levels, and some of the multiplayer games can accommodate up to 99 players.
The Magic Desktop is designed around the flexibility and capability of Windows and offers a suite of learning applications, fully featured parental control, a safe Internet and e-mail networking technology, No Homework No Play system, plus music, games, and movies that the child will love, all in one safe package. The Magic Desktop is available in 30 languages, has a free edition, and can be downloaded and installed in any existing PC.

Download EasyBits GO from the developer

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Last updated: : May 10, 2012