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What is E-POP?

E-POP is an application that new users of Samsung laptops may find pre-installed on their machines. This is because the application was developed by Samsung, and this comes bundled with the later models of Samsung laptops.

Basically, the function of the application is to provide users with a pop-up that may contain advertisements about the latest products from Samsung. The application also displays the model/series of the user’s Samsung laptop.

The application is enabled to appear every time the user boots up the system. This means that it was installed as a Startup application. It usually displays on the upper left corner of the screen. It can be disabled from booting-up with the system, as well as from appearing on the screen.

The application has a file size of approximately 2.2 MB, and is generally installed in the Program Files folder of the computer’s C drive. Its executable file is E-POP.exe. Users are reminded that the application is not part of the machine’s drivers, but is offered as a free bundled OEM program.

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