Dynomite Deluxe

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What is Dynomite Deluxe?

Dynomite is a game developed by PopCap Games which runs well on Windows XP and Windows 8. It works well with PCs but for touchscreen gadgets.

The game is played in four game modes which are Time Trial, Fossil, Stomped, and Endless.

In the Time Trial, players can choose on how to play whether it is Easy or Hard. No matter what the player’s way of playing, the game is not timed which means endless play. Despite this, the game will be saving the fastest move of a player in clearing the eggs. To clear the eggs, the player needs to shoot correctly colored ones which are arranged in multi layers.

For the Endless Puzzle, players are provided with supply of eggs. These eggs will be used to match rows of eggs coming from the top of the screen. The players need to make use of the time matching them up before the rows of eggs touch the bottom. Otherwise, it is game over.

Stomped mode on the other hand, is a bit more difficult game for shooting eggs. It appears as a puzzle arranged on the screen together with the anger of a villain called Mam Bronto. When correct matches occur, it angers the villain and is recorded at a meter. Every time the meter gets full, Mama Bronto steps down on the eggs to a notch.

Finally, with the Fossil Mode, players can experience a varied way of shooting eggs. The goal is to save dinosaur fossils surrounded by eggs. Zjust be careful when Mama Bronto is on sight. When the eggs reach the bottom, she crushes all the eggs and the game ends.

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Last updated: : October 18, 2013