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DVDFab Non-Decryption

What is DVDFab Non-Decryption?

The DVDFab Non-Decryption software was the “updated” version of the original DVDFab program from Fengtao Software Inc. It had practically all the same core features as the original version: it could copy DVD content, burn DVD content, compress DVD content and even customize (some parts of) DVD content. The original purpose of the software was to provide users with a way to back up or copy DVD media to new discs. It was compatible with both NTSC and PAL and also provided the user with some tools for personalizing the menus on his DVD.

However, this version did differ from the original in a glaring way: it no longer decrypted DVD/Blu-Ray protections. Thus, if an encryption mechanism is on the DVD being copied for the express purpose of copyright protection, the program no longer performed the copy of the protected content. This came about as a response to an injunction from a US company seeking against Fengtao Software for the copyright violations that could be made using DVDFab. While attempting to deal with the legal troubles, Fengtao released a non-decrypting version of their product, which is the DVDFab Non-Decryption program. It bears mention, though, that they also eventually released an update of the original (decrypting) program under a rebrand from DVDFab to BluFab.

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File types supported by DVDFab Non-Decryption

Our users primarily use DVDFab Non-Decryption to open these file types:

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