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What is DVDFab Be?

DVDFab is a product of Fengtao Software, which is based in China. While there are actually several Fengtao Software products that fall under the DVDFab brand, what is usually meant by DVDFab is DVDFab DVD Copy, a DVD cloning or backup solution.

DVDFab DVD Copy is capable of reading the contents of any DVD and copying them to another storage medium, whether that is another storage disc, a hard drive, or flash media. The program is capable of performing the copy process in several ways to fit the user’s preferences: there is lossless (1:1) copying, for instance, for users after very high quality and detail; there is also high-compression copying, which can transfer DVD9 content to a DVD5 disc while retaining high quality.

The software actually came under fire from US-based AACS LA, which cast an injunction on it in a bid to stop the software from being distributed. This was due to DVDFab DVD Copy’s decryption tool, which allowed users to copy even DVD content that had encrypted content as a means of copy protection. A new version of DVDFab DVD Copy is now being sold that no longer has decryption capabilities.

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