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DVDCheck Application

What is DVDCheck Application?

DVDCheck is an application that monitors your DVD-Writer or DVD drive when a movie or video DVD is inserted to it for it to run WinDVD program. DVDCheck is available with WinDVD versions such as version 4 that run on Windows 98, 2000 or ME. Intervideo developed the software. Corel Corporation bought Intervideo, and is now the developer of the newer versions of the software.

WinDVD is the commercial video and music player for Windows. It allows you to view DVD videos on your PC. It can also play DVD-Video backups on your hard drive. It supports playback and creation of your playlists. It can also play audio and video formats with different codecs such as MP3, AAC, Windows Media Video, Xvid and DivX.

WinDVD 4 has audio technologies such as Dolby EX, DTS-ES and Dolby Dynamic Range Compression. It supports playback from your hard drive. It provides TV-out functions and the feature Video Desktop that lets you use your wallpaper as the DVD screen.

Basic controls include stop, start, fast-forward, previous and next track. Other controls include audio mode and color adjustments that you can access from a pull-out panel from the right. You can make adjustments for your video brightness without underexposure or overexposure using the video gamma control, and is enabled on all graphic cards.

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