DriveSpeed Application

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What is DriveSpeed Application?

With the DriveSpeed Application, users can now control the way their drive spins the disc and reduce the noise to a minimum. One of the solutions comes from Nero, under the form of the Nero DriveSpeed Application. It is an application that has already reached its third version, and is also available in the latest Nero software collection toolkit. Being a part of Nero’s toolkit, DriveSpeed configuration is simple. Its graphic user interface is nothing complicated as the choices that are intuitive for any kind of user. All of the options that refer to making all of the necessary settings for a smooth spin as well as reduced drive noise.

If the user has multiple drivers, then he will have to choose the recorder that is going to be put to use. In the case of an external disc drive, Nero DriveSpeed has to be restarted after turning it on, or else, it will not be available. Eject and stop controls are also there, so the user can manipulate the selected drive. Neo DriveSpeed also comes with two preset settings that let the user configure the read speed of the drive.

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Last updated: : January 26, 2014