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What is Drag-to-Disc?

Drag-to-Disc is a software that allows you to copy or delete data from a disc just like you would from a floppy disk. To start the application, go to Start Menu, select Programs, then Roxio and select Drag-to-Disc. The Drag-to-Disc icon should appear on your desktop. To create a Drag-to-Disc CD, do the following steps: Insert disc to your recorder. Add files to your disc using Drag-to-Disc application. You can add as many files as the disc can accommodate. You can also delete files, overwrite files or organize your files into folders. Then, eject disc. From Easy CD & DVD Creator Home, select Drag-to-Disc. Select Start Menu, then Programs, then choose Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator, then Drag-to-Disc. In Windows Explorer, right click the drive and select Drag-to-Disc.

A disc must be formatted before you can add files to it. Adding files to blank disc may either automatically format a disc, or you might be given format options to choose from. Formatting a CD-RW blank disc takes about 25 to 45 minutes. To add files to blank CD-RW: While Drag-to-Disc is running, insert blank CD-RW into recorder. Add files to disc [using either Windows Explorer or Drag-to-Disc window]. A message will notify you that the disc formatting might take 25 to 45 minutes. You click Yes to proceed or No to abort. After the formatting, your files have already been added to the disc and you can begin working on Drag-to-Disc.

The program executable file for Drag-to-Disc is DrgToDsc.exe.

Download Drag-to-Disc from the developer

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Download Drag-to-Disc (external link)


About file types supported by Drag-to-Disc

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Last updated: : October 24, 2012