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Dora's World Adventure

What is Dora's World Adventure?

Dora’s World Adventure is a Wild Tangent game that is primarily meant for children, which promotes the beloved children’s show Dora the Explorer. In this game, you (or your kids) will take on the role of Dora and Swiper as they travel across the globe to retrieve Friendship Bracelets, with the aim of saving the worldwide Friendship Day celebration. There is no over-arching objective in this game, unlike other Wild Tangent games, as it is pretty sandbox in nature; you just have to retrieve the Friendship Bracelets when you feel like it, combined with the passport stamps that you can collect as you visit countries. The point and click controls are also fairly straightforward; you can simply select the country you wish to go to, represented by a landmark that characterizes that country (for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris for France).

Though possessing only one level, the game is not a simple cakewalk. There will be antagonists in each country who steals the Friendship Bracelets, so if you need to escape from their clutches you can simply use a nearby hot-air balloon to escape. There will also be exotic locations available, such as those in Africa.

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