Dora's Carnival Adventure

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What is Dora's Carnival Adventure?

Dora’s Carnival Adventure is another one of Wild Tangent’s games where you assume control of Dora (or at least help her and her friends) and have fun in Dora’s world of exploration and curiosity. This time, however, you will join Dora and her friends as they enjoy a carnival. The game is very lightweight, only having a size of 11 MB (which is actually less than 10 seconds to download on a decent broadband connection), and the Nickelodeon Jr. website lists the game as a good parent and child activity due to the variety of the game choices, plus Dora being well known among children and toddlers.

With Dora’s Carnival Adventure, kids are taken to a carnival anytime they wish, without having to actually go out there and tire themselves out. They can play their games of skill and chance, such as collecting tickets from treasure chests, and then redeem the same tickets for various fun prizes, such as printable games that they can continue playing off the computer. There are 10 different types of games included in the game in six gameplay modes, which include, but are not limited to air hockey, crane games, bumper cars, thirsty dolphins, benny’s bowling, slide race, hot air balloon race, and more.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012