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DLSLoader Application

What is DLSLoader Application?

The DLS Loader Application is an executable file application by Analog Devices (ADI), a company that creates a wide range of analog, digital and mixed-signal processing devices. The DLS Loader Application was created in 2006 with a file size of 106,496 bytes and opens up to a "SM_Synth" subfolder in the Programs folder. It is recognized in both DLSLdr.exe and DLS Loader.exe file extension names.

DLS means downloadable sound, and as the name of the application implies, it is use for downloading audio. The final output is often a MIDI file. One advantage of opting to install the DLS Loader application is the richer user experience it gives. Playing a downloaded audio file from DLS Loader application can be further enhanced in combination with a SoundMAX Level 2 audio signal processing suite. SoundMAX is compatible to run on Analog Devices products like the DLS Loader application. It acts as a synthesizer that enables a user to customize the settings of his or her own sound preference. Higher quality Surround sound can also be achieved.

Though many have qualms about the application being a persistent desktop and program mainstay, the DLS Loader Application is not a known adware, trojan or spyware.

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