DivX Plus DirectShow Filters

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What is DivX Plus DirectShow Filters?

DivX is a line of software products by DivX Inc. Usually, when one talks of DivX, this is either to pertain to the DivX codec, which is used to play MPEG-4 Part 2 and H.264 MPEG-4 (the latter of which is the HD version) file format videos, and the DivX Plus Player, the proprietary media player of the company that supports a huge variety of video types from the outset. DivX later dropped the smiley from their products’ brand name and trademarked the word “DivX”, in time with the release of the first version, DivX 4.0.

The DivX codec has the capability of compressing huge video files into more manageable chunks, which can then be read by a DivX-compatible device (such as modern DVD players) and computers that can decompress the video by use of the same codec. The DivX codec is distributed by what is commonly known as the DivX Plus Codec Pack, which replaced the former DivX Community Codec. This pack contains the codec itself that enables the playback of MPEG-4 ASP and H.264 video (HD formats), plus a free H.264 decoder with a built-in but optional DXVA hardware acceleration featured, which can be toggled on and off in the DivX Plus control panel.

The DirectShow filters are included in the DivX Plus Codec Pack, which is a one-time download that contains the codec (video for Windows), DivX decoder for DirectShow, and various filters, namely the H.264 decoder, the AAC decoder, the MKV Splitter, and the Windows 7 exclusive MKV Splitter - Media Foundation.

Download DivX Plus DirectShow Filters from the developer

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About file types supported by DivX Plus DirectShow Filters

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Last updated: : June 13, 2012