Discount Buddy

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What is Discount Buddy?

Discount Buddy is a browser extension developed by 215 Apps. The software promises users for discounts whenever they are shopping online.

Generally, users do not purchase or subscribe in the Discount Buddy application. It comes with other software downloaded by users. This is what others called bundling. It happens when two or more products are offered at one price. It is one of the techniques developed by the software market to increase the power of their products. It was considered a success since many users find products they want through the Discount Buddy advertisement coupons.

This software secretly installs together with other applications purchased, and this is how it works. After a software download, you will notice a browser add-on. From time to time whenever you visit online stores, for example, Toy R Vs, Petsmart, Walmart and others, messages in coupon pops out. It will offers similar products with big discounts. It will interminably pop out and users might be in trouble removing it. Users can uninstall this add-on browser but the Discount Buddy application remains in your computer.

Several web sites offer help in preventing and removing the Discount Buddy Application. Users may choose to carefully the software that they install. In addition, other web sites recommend users to alter their Internet Browser Settings by disallowing additional software or browser add-ons.

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Last updated: : September 26, 2013