Digital DJ Pro

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What is Digital DJ Pro?

Digital DJ Pro is a free software that lets you create music mixes like a professional. It recognizes most audio formats such as WAV, MP3 and OGG. It offers features such as adjustments for time stretch pitch and beat matching. It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It employs a simple interface. It provides tools to enable matching of BMP in two separate tracks and combine them through crossfading, and for performing live mixes. Use the tuner button to tune your song, and you can drag your audio files from the library to your media player. Speed up or slow down a track by using the pitch slider. You may remove percussion or vocals. Use the crossfade button for mixing tracks. You match the beats using the Sync button. You finalize your mix by using crossfade until the end. You queue a new song to create your next mix. Drag and drop a track from your library, then press Sync to start another mix. Digital DJ Pro is a knock-off of the DJ Software Mixxx.

Mixxx is an open-source DJ software that is open for additional features and remixes to be contributed by its community. Its propaganda is to “beatmix better”. Its features include support for audio formats like OGG, MP3, M4A/AAC and FLAC, timecode vinyl control, Shoutcast broadcasting, recording, adjustable EQ shelves, Auto DJ, BPM detection and synchronization, support for more than 30 DJ MIDI controllers, integration to iTunes, vinyl emulation, time stretch, hotcues, beat looping, crossfader control, quad sampler decks, organization through disk browsing, playlists and crates, 5 designer skins with different layouts, microphone input, ReplayGain normalization and support for various platforms including Windows 7/8/XP/Vista, Linux and Mac OS X. It is free software.

Download Digital DJ Pro from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download Digital DJ Pro (external link)


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Last updated: : October 18, 2012