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Diego's Ultimate Rescue

What is Diego's Ultimate Rescue?

Diego's Ultimate Rescue is an adventure game developed by Nickelodeon. The goal of the game is to help Diego rescue animals from Rescue Island. There are three baby animals that Diego needs to return to their respective natural habitats: a penguin, a komodo dragon and a platypus.

To start the game, the player will select a baby animal. A rescue vehicle with Diego in it will display, and this is what the player needs to control in order to get the animal safely back to its habitat.

For each trip, there are obstacles that the player needs to avoid. Hitting any of the obstacles will make the animal hungry. A hunger monitor is provided. The player needs to check on this to ensure that the animal is not hungry. When the monitor displays a red bar, it means the animal is low on food and needs to be fed. Along the trip, animal food can be found. The vehicle needs to hit the food to get it.

Diego's Ultimate Rescue is a free game that can be played on the Nick Jr. website. A full version is also available from third-party vendors, for a fee.

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