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Derive Trial Edition

What is Derive Trial Edition?

The Derive Trial Edition software is the demo version of Texas Instruments’ Derive software, a powerful application meant for computer-assisted mathematical solutions. The program allows users to enter a mathematical problem into the interface with the appropriate symbols and order, then calculates the answer to that problem. As computer programming is in itself an equation that involves various numbers, this sort of mathematical calculation is not impossible for a piece of software—and Derive happens to be among the best examples of that since it is equipped with the tools necessary for solving problems of a great many different types.

For instance, a user can enter a trigonometry problem into the program without any problems. It understands variables and Boolean expressions and processes both numeric and symbolic equation elements without trouble. The program also has utilities for plotting or charting problems and their equations.

This should suggest to anyone that the software is considered an educational tool, and it is—Texas Instruments markets it to students as well as teachers of mathematics. Version 6 (among the officially released editions) is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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