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What is DealPly?

DealPly is a web browser plugin that facilitates better judgment when doing strategic online shopping – or any kind of online shopping, for that matter. It does this by recognizing the online retail site you are currently browsing, the items you’re looking at or those you’ve put in the cart, and then collates and presents you a list of suggestions among similar products or deals that you don’t know, may have overlooked or you simply didn’t see. DealPly also provides its users with the choice to take exclusive offers or discounts from participating online retail outlets that have partnered with DealPly, giving you an unprecedented control over your online shopping habits and purchases.

Since it’s a browser add-on, most anti-virus and security software may give out a false positive regarding the DealPly plugin. DealPly however assures that the software is not a security hole and is not privacy intrusive; it requires no form of registration that could be sent through or compromised in a network. It can easily be uninstalled and removed in such case that the users do not wish to use it any longer. DealPly currently supports only Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome; support for Safari may come later on.

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