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dBpoweramp WavPack Codec

What is dBpoweramp WavPack Codec?

dBpoweramp WavPack Codec provides the user with a codec pack intended for the WavPack audio compression format. The codecs basically allow the user to encode and decode lossless, lossy, or a combination of lossy and lossless WavPack files.

The codec pack provides support for the editing functions of the dBpoweramp software; which is software that provides the user with audio management tools for audio file conversion and CD ripping.

The dBpoweramp WavPack Codec is provided by Illustrate, and enables the user to decode lossless audio from the WavPack archive by utilizing both the .wv and .wvc files of the audio file, and decode lossy audio by utilizing only the .wv file of the compressed audio. In like manner, the codec pack allows the user to compress a lossless audio file by creating a hybrid file of both the .wv and .wvc formats.

dBpoweramp WavPack Codec can be downloaded for free from the Illustrate website. Minimum Windows Operating System requirement is Windows 98. For the codec pack to be properly installed on the computer, the user also needs to have at least the dBpoweramp R12 version installed on the system.

Download directly from the developer

Download dBpoweramp WavPack Codec (external link)

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