DarkBlood Online

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What is DarkBlood Online?

DarkBlood Online is a Massively Multi-Player Online Game (MMO) developed by Outspark. This is a player vs. player (PvP) game where each one takes on the role of a hero out to defend their world. Battle takes place in different arenas, with each arena requires the player to use different strategies and powers in order to beat their opponents. Last one standing is declared as the winner.

As players fight against each other, they are faced with several obstacles, which make the game more challenging. The players may use the obstacles to ward off their opponents. The player’s skills and combination moves help preserve their lifeline, and defeat their opponents.

Being an MMO type of game, the player’s skills determine their level in the game. This level will in turn determine the players that they will be pitted against. Players in other words, play against other players with the same skill level.

DarkBlood Online is a PC game that is free to play. Users will usually be required to register with the game provider in order to start playing. The game has intense graphics that may not be suitable for young players.

Download DarkBlood Online from the developer

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Last updated: : May 26, 2013