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CrystalMaker Demo

What is CrystalMaker Demo?

CrystalMaker is a program for creating, manipulating, and animating all types of crystals and molecular structures. It features real-time graphics and accessible tools. It is available in two versions, for Windows or Mac OS X. Each version is designed with an operating system, offering real operating system support.

The user can drag-drop his data files into the program, which instantly displays it in photo-realistic color. With the help of the mouse, the user can control structures in real time. Its bookmarks and levels can encourage discovery and exploration, which is ideal for teaching and researching. Symmetry handling automatically generates the bonds and polyhedra, taking the labor out of crystallography. It provides a broad range of model types including space-filling, polyhedral, wireframe and thermal ellipsoids. The user can customize each model, with either photo-realistic graphics or line-art display. It lets the user transform the unit cell, build a supercell, change the lattice type, and apply a matrix transformation. The user can also create surface cells.

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