Crystal Path

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What is Crystal Path?

Crystal Path is actually a puzzle video game system produced by Puzzle Lab. It had been at first launched on October 20, 2005. This particular puzzle video game is sited within a country wherever various animals reside to provide various puzzle ideas. The gamer will certainly traverse the actual pathways in the country that are almost all enclosed with crystals. The actual objective would be to eliminate all the crystals through each one of the route to get to the next stage. This is often created by placing 3 or even more crystals of the identical colors with each other. In the beginning of the video game, a few crystals happen to be positioned on the road. The gamer will need to include much more crystals to be able to produce 3 or even more matches and take them off.

The actual pathways tend to be continuously moving. The gamer need to ensure that the crystals are eliminated before reaching the base of the display screen otherwise the game will be ended. The gamer is also given two sets of magical skills. The first enables the gamer to change the actual display screen as well as avoid closing the overall game. The second one gives the gamer the power to shuffle the actual group of incoming crystals. The actual pathways become more challenging in the end of every route and also the elimination of crystals may need much more abilities as well as technique. Besides the regular crystals, additionally, there are two sorts of crystals found in the overall game – Bonus Crystal as well as Transparent Crystal. Bonus Crystals offers various bonus deals (e.g. smashing bomb, color bomb, tricolor etc…) while the Transparent Crystal does not display the color until it is finally positioned within the route.

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