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What is Creative ALchemy?

Creative ALchemy is an audio acceleration tool for gaming programs that restores the full audio features for games running on a DirectSound 3D for Windows Vista. It is created by Creative Technology, Ltd., developer of sound blaster programs and gadgets and multi-content management systems.

The idea for Creative ALchemy was born when Microsoft decided to terminate the feature Hardware Abstraction Layer or HAL in its Windows Vista OS. This feature gives rich and texturized DirectSound3D for PC and online games, enabling audio and hardware accelerator for maximum sound control. When this was removed in Windows Vista, the sound was rendered merely on soundcards with low-quality results.

With Creative ALchemy, the resulting effect is a full blast Surround sound and features for accelerating hardware in audio mixing, special effects and sample rate conversion. The HAL feature was fully restored with even more advanced audio processing in 3D and EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions) functions.

Creative ALchemy is free for download. When the user launches the program, it automatically searches for games supported by the DirectSound3D, and organizes these on the left side of the interface under Installed Games. Experiencing the full features of the program requires full upgrade of the games that the user wants to play and converted on the Creatiive Alchemy interface to run compatible with the program.

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012