Corel Common Framework

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What is Corel Common Framework?

The Corel Common Framework is the Windows shell handler for Corel files, such as CorelDraw (.cdr), CorelDraw animation file (.clk) Corel Photo Paint (.cpt), Corel Designer (.des), and Corel Metafile Exchange (.cmx). This is used for all programs in this manner, but is mostly contained in the Corel graphics suite, the CorelDraw and Corel Photo Paint applications.

The Corel Photo-Paint application is a raster, or bitmap, graphics editor, much like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP (and basically most of amateur and semi-professional image editors and photo enhancement applications). The Corel Photo-Paint is usually bundled with CorelDraw, which is its larger and more well-known cousin. Photo-Paint can open and access files made by its competitors, such as Photoshop; its native file format is called .cpt, and it has support for layered image editing (layers in Corel Photo-Paint are called objects).

Meanwhile, CorelDRAW is a full-fledged graphics editing suite usually bundled with another graphics editing program, Corel PhotoPaint. But while PhotoPaint is a raster (or bitmap) graphics editor, comparable to Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor much like the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Fireworks. Using a vector graphics editor, one can freely create mechanical drawings or artwork, logos, comic book illustrations, and the like, that won’t be usually possible in a raster graphics editor. To this end, a CorelDRAW bundle enables projects to be edited simultaneously in either editor, with pop-up tools enabling a section of the project to be edited in PhotoPaint, and vice versa.

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Last updated: : June 24, 2012