Corel Clipbook

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What is Corel Clipbook?

The Corel Clipbook is a far more streamlined, more efficient, and overall more effective clipbook application than the standard and default Microsoft clipbook viewer that are bundled in standard Windows installations (regardless of edition). One of the great features of the Corel Clipbook is that it works in most Windows applications rather than only working for Microsoft Office applications that the Windows clipbook viewer is limited to. The Corel Clipbook was first released for WordPerfect 10 SP2, and has been touted as a multiple clipboard utility that can handle several copy-and-paste executions quite well. Although it was initially designed for WordPerfect users, the Corel Clipbook handles other tasks well as long as they’re Windows programs, and is especially useful for users who routinely assign variables, or bind such commands, directly to the keyboard.

Other uses of the Corel Clipbook include the ability to assemble a document directly from the Clipbook itself, the ability to insert boiler-plate text to documents, inserting signature blocks, letterheads, and logos.

The Corel Clipbook works just like a standard Windows directory, but instead of drives or folders it contains clipbooks that can contains up to 35 different clips each, and each clipbook can be stored locally or shared on a network.

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Download Corel Clipbook (external link)


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Last updated: : May 4, 2012