Constant Guard Protection Suite

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What is Constant Guard Protection Suite?

The Xfinity Constant Guard Protection Suite, or CGPS as it’s abbreviated, is a security and data protection suite from Xfinity, formerly Comcast, for home consumers who may need an extra layer of security for their data, when antivirus, antispyware or firewalls are just not enough. The Constant Guard Protection Suite protects and encrypts your data so they won’t be compromised or accessed without your express permission, and store your passwords in a safe vault where only you can access them.

Additionally, the Constant Guard Protection Suite includes the top-rated Norton Security Suite which provides the first defense against malicious attacks, data miners, keyloggers, and spyware, and has a patented technology to encrypt your credit card transactions for online shopping. It can also protect your data when you fill out forms, and make sure that all personally identifiable information that can be sent through the Internet is encrypted. The Constant Guard Protection Suite also contains a backup service, and an exclusive Xfinity technology called IDENTITY GUARD.

The Xfinity Constant Guard Protection Suite can be downloaded (and then later licensed for the full version) or bought for $360, but the entire application is free for all Xfinity Internet subscribers for one year.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012