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Complete OFFICE Equate

What is Complete OFFICE Equate?

The Complete Office Equate is one of the various modules that is in Complete Office. Equate is a discrete program specifically made to handle mathematical equations, such as displaying them and finding solutions to complex math problems with formulas. Chemical, electrical and scientific equations are also supported in standard notation; equations made and resolved in Equate can then be inserted into other Complete Office documents, such as word processor files, spreadsheets, drawings, and presentations.

Equate also handles editing of formulas, and can display such concepts as fractions, exponential notation, integrals, inequalities, and matrices in standard written form. A good thing to note is that Equate can be launched independently, but it can also be set to take over equations when working from Wordsmith (the Complete Office word processor), Numerate (the spreadsheet application), Lighthouse (presentation software), and Sketch (vector graphics utility). The equation language of Equate is simple and in English, designed with a philosophy that math experts and new users alike can edit formulas with ease. These formulas can be inserted into documents, saved as PDF, OpenDocument Formula (ODF), or as MathML.

Equate is later renamed to Equation Editor.

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File types supported by Complete OFFICE Equate

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