Cisco WebEx Meetings

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What is Cisco WebEx Meetings?

WebEx is a Cisco company that has pioneered the use of web conferencing, which is exactly what it sounds like – a meeting , usually for business purposes, but conducted through the Internet. WebEx facilitates these meetings through a special software, called the WebEx client, which is offered for a 14-day free trial; using this software, you can host or join any WebEx meetings and collaborate with your staff members even half a world away, all in real time. The WebEx client is actually a suite of applications, of which the most popular and most widely used are the WebEx Meeting Center, which recreates a face to face meeting through the Internet, and the WebEx Livestream, which is used for on-demand real time presentation to a large audience, typically at hundreds of thousands.

According to the developer, web conferencing, has intrinsic benefits and advantages over other types of meetings – such as offline, face to face conferences – because it takes a lot less hassle to set up, and you don’t need to have all the participants to be in the boardroom or conference hall before you can start. It also addresses logistical and transportation problems, since participants don’t need to travel to attend the meeting, only sign in on the service online.

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Last updated: : May 23, 2012